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No More Election=A Lot More Knitting

This is what I do with my time when I don’t have a campaign to work on.

2014-11-09 00.55.47 2014-11-09 00.56.06
Baby sweater for a friend’s son; still needs ends sewn in and buttons added, but I think it’s pretty damn cute.  Fingering weight scrap yarn–I believe the darkest and lightest blues are two different colorways of Araucania Ranco, and I have no idea what the medium blue yarn is.

2014-11-09 00.58.04 2014-11-09 00.57.34
This sock more or less speaks for itself.  The blue is tosh merino light; white is Valley Yarns Huntington (I think).

2014-11-18 03.05.06 2014-11-18 03.04.55
Groovy sock.  Some self-striping yarn that has long since lost its label.  I think it might be Lion Brand Sock Ease, but don’t quote me on that.

2014-11-15 21.52.162014-11-17 22.18.14
Current WIP: a modified Clapotis.  The pattern’s written for worsted-weight yarn, but I’m using a lace-weight that often behaves more like a fingering-weight, breaks WAY too often, and is a pain in the butt to unravel dropped stitches.  (Seriously, I have to ladder each stitch down row by row with a needle.  Huge pain in the ass, but there’s something oddly satisfying about unraveling something on purpose.  Something there is that doesn’t love a wall.)  The dropped stitches will look a lot less messy once it’s finished and blocked.  Yarn is Noro Taiyo Lace.


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I don’t know how I’m going to explain to A what’s going on in my head. I don’t have words. But I have art.

I started working with oil pastels and mandalas when I was at Sheppard Pratt, and it continues to be useful when I just don’t have words. Not sure if I’ll show this to A…maybe, if I have the courage.

On a more pleasant topic, socks! I was talking to a couple of other bloggers about them. I have teeny feet that don’t fit in store-bought socks, so several years ago I started knitting my own.

However, I have what knitters call Second Sock Syndrome: I get bored with the pattern after I make the first sock, so I rarely make a matching pair. I pretend my mismatched socks are some kind of artistic statement, but really I just get bored easily.

Here are some of my socks. More in the laundry, probably, and I’m too lazy to dig them out.





And for added fun, a few works in progress.




The last two pictures are my Elizabeth Warren socks, which I plan to send her when I’m finished. Yes, I’m a weird fan girl. I call them Sox Populi, and I hope someone else here is nerdy enough to get the joke.


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