Both of my candidates won tonight!

The media kept saying there would be low turnout and widespread apathy among voters, but my gubernatorial candidate’s campaign knocked on doors and called more than 100,000 voters in the last three days to remind them to get out and vote. That’s not apathy.

Hell, I spent the morning at urgent care with a fever of 101 and a raging sinus infection, but I convinced the PA I saw to go vote for my candidate during her lunch break. I might feel like I’m dying, but I got a vote in person and then went and made hours of phone calls. That’s not apathy.

As soon as her acceptance speech is over, I’m gonna take some antibiotics and some NyQuil and get some well-deserved sleep.



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3 responses to “VICTORY!

  1. Rest and recover, between everything you have scheduled today.

  2. That’s awesome, Hope! I hope that your meds work soon and that you have a speedy recovery from being sick.

  3. Awesomeness Hope! Very happy for you. You deserve some well earned rest now! XXX

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