Check-In 2

Doing better emotionally.  The wedding was beautiful, and my sister was so happy.  Hopefully I’ll have pictures to share soon.

Now I’m in my way to my mother’s house in Florida.  We’re spending the night in Tallahassee tonight, and we’ll drive the rest of the way tomorrow.

Physically I’m exhausted and sick.  My period just started, and that always makes the UC and the fatigue five times worse.  Next month, I’m getting the Nexplanon implant, and there’s a good chance it might stop my periods altogether.  That would be amazing.

I haven’t even looked at anyone else’s blogs in days.  I’m just too exhausted to catch up right now.  Sorry–I still care about all of you!



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6 responses to “Check-In 2

  1. Glad to hear that you are feeling better emotionally and that the bride was happy. May the time with your mom go smoothly.

  2. just worry about yourself right now. glad the wedding was beautiful! now get some rest and take care of yourself. Nexplanon…wow, that sounds better than menopause! (and i love menopause, no kidding!)

  3. I’m glad to hear that you’re doing better emotionally. I hope that you start feeling better physically soon!

  4. You are with your a wedding..take good care..enjoy what you can .. ❤

  5. Happy you’re happier. xox You’ve been on my mind a lot.

  6. I’m soo happy for you that the wedding was nice and you enjoyed it. Enjoy Florida too. I’d love to be there right now. All that sunshine, makes for a happy time!

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