Knitting and Flowers

Today, I dragged myself out of bed.  (Admittedly, not until almost 5:00 in the evening, but….)  I put on real clothes (you know, not the same pajamas I’ve been wearing for the last week or so), got my knitting and my music, and sat on the front porch swing to work on the shawl for my sister’s wedding gift.

2014-07-29 18.13.00 2014-07-29 18.13.06

The size is deceptive–it’ll grow a lot once I block it, but it’s still a little way from being done.  Blocking will also make it look less wrinkled/messy.

It was nice out, mid-70’s and sunny for the first time in days.  I love thunderstorms, but they get old when you have them for days on end.  And my landlady has a lovely garden out front, so I could smell the flowers while I was knitting.

2014-07-29 18.14.00

2014-07-29 18.14.09

2014-07-29 18.14.16

It made me feel a little better about life, so I guess that’s something.

Afterward, I started choosing what clothes I’m going to take on this trip and sorting out the laundry that needs to be done.  I’ve been pretty unmotivated to do laundry lately because I basically wear pajamas all the time and just wash those and my underwear.  I’m classy like that.  So I have tons of laundry that needs to be done before this trip.

Then I had an asthma attack, so I’ve been taking it easy since then.

I think I’m going to try to get out of my bedroom every day.  I mean, there’s a swing right there on the front porch, so it’s not like it requires much of an effort.  It’s not going to magically fix all my problems, but it does make me feel a little bit better.  That counts for something.


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15 responses to “Knitting and Flowers

  1. I love the looks of the shawl! After seeing what a couple of people have been knitting on WP I’m really tempted to have a friend teach me how to knit when she gets some time. Good luck with your trip. I hope that everything works out well for you!

    • You should definitely learn! All the coolest people knit. If you’re ever in western Mass, I’ll teach you! There are also lots of video tutorials if you want to teach yourself. Actually, I prefer photo tutorials because it’s easier for me to focus on still images, but that’s just personal preference. I had someone teach me the basics, but I taught myself most of the more advanced techniques. The fun thing is there’s always a new technique to learn, so you never get bored. (Although I will say, I sometimes appreciate boring knitting. When the fatigue gets bad, I can’t focus on complicated stuff. I’ve had to rip out this shawl three times, which is why it’s not finished yet.)

      • I need to one of these days! I want to get into some craftier hobbies that don’t require a whole lot of energy all the time. And I’m sure that there are all sorts of tutorials online. One of the great things about the internet 🙂 And if I am ever in Western Mass I’ll definitely take you up on that!

      • Yeah, knitting’s good for doing when you’re dealing with fatigue. And you can choose a pattern based on your ability to concentrate. I usually have one mindless project and one complicated project going at any given time. (Okay, let’s be honest, I have at least 4 projects going on at any given time, but that’s because I have project ADD.)

  2. The longest journey begins with a single step, no?
    Nice to see the photos too.

    • Yeah, sometimes I get so overwhelmed by the big things that I feel like doing small things won’t help. Sometimes I just need a kick in the ass, I think.

  3. That’s a beautiful shawl. Those sound like good plans. Some days just having a shower or going for a walk is enough to shift my head space. It takes a lot to do it but it does help.

    • Yeah, it’s easy for me to forget that doing small things does actually help. I feel like if I haven’t done all the laundry, cleaned the whole apartment, found a new roommate, figured out how to deal with my family, and cured depression, then I’m not going to feel any better. It’s crazy, of course, but that’s my brain for you.

  4. The shawl is so very beautiful! I never learned how to knit. I think it comes down to me being lazy. Heh. I crochet much faster than I knit. You rock it. She is going to adore it.

    Porches are wonderful, aren’t they? And yes, it certainly counts for so much. Your post made put a smile on my not yet caffeinated face today.


    • See, and I can’t get the hang of crochet. I can’t quite get the hang of the wrist movement and manipulating the yarn with only one tool. I did “invent” a way to make a crochet chain with two knitting needles, though. I’ve never heard of anyone doing that, but I’m my own kind of weird.

      Yes, porches are lovely. My landlady’s garden has a big butterfly bush (I don’t know if that’s the official name, but that’s what I’ve always heard them called), so butterflies and sometimes even hummingbirds come visit. And swings are pretty great too.

  5. That is some lovely knitting — you are one talented lady! I tried to teach myself to crochet with no luck. It’s something I would really like to be able to do — think it would make quitting smoking and eating less easier since hands would be busy.

    I find that getting outside helps tremendously…with everything. With my mood, with my productivity level, with my attitude toward my current troubles. It just helps. I hope you keep going outside and sitting on the swing.

    BTW, not to bring up anything bad, but have you figured out anything about your housing situation or did I miss that post (I am a little behind on reading).

    • I can’t crochet to save my life. Just never could get the hang of it. I like my yarn with two sticks, thank you very much.

      No, I haven’t figured out the housing issue. I thought I had a roommate, but that fell through two days ago. So back to square one.

  6. happilydpressed

    You knit really well! I’ve tried tons of times bug I’m so bad at it, it’s frightening.

  7. Your doing great. Getting out of the house, even as far as your porch, will help. If the sun shines, it will do you some good to get a little of it on your skin. They do say sunshine is good for a person. I think they’re right. I bet that shawl looks pretty. I like to go out too, but I’m scared of bees and stuff. So sometimes I dont go out all that often when the sun is shining. Not unless someone is with me. XX

    • I can’t stay out in the sun very long because my UC meds make me very sensitive. I get bad sunburns if I’m not careful, and I try to be cautious of that because skin cancer runs in my family. But the front porch is shady, so that’s nice.

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