Better Plan

New plan for the wedding: my mother and stepfather are paying for hotel rooms (one for them and one for me) so that none of us have to stay with my grandparents and deal with the assholery, especially since Aunt Bitch is staying there too.  After the wedding, I’m going to go down to my mother’s house in south Florida because she’s having neck surgery shortly after that and needs the help.  I’ll stay for about a week and then fly back here.

I still have to figure out how I’m going to get to and from the airport near here.  Bradley, where I’ll be flying from, is about 40 minutes away, but I’m sure C or somebody else from my former program will be willing to give me a ride there and then pick me up when I get back.

B is buying my ticket to Birmingham for me because I’m short on money.  I’ll pay him back at the beginning of the month once I get my social security, and I’ll buy my ticket home then too.  I’ll have no money to spare next month, but that’s okay.

This is a much better plan than staying with my grandparents and Aunt Bitch.

Now I just need to find someone I can borrow a rolling suitcase and a garment bag from.  All I have is a duffel bag.  I can’t carry that these days, and besides, it would mess up my pretty dresses.  I’m sure I can find someone to borrow luggage from.



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3 responses to “Better Plan

  1. I am glad you have a plan now that makes you more comfortable. Wish I was close enough to loan you luggage — mine is just collecting dust.

  2. Sometimes things have a way of working themselves out. I’m glad this did for you!

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