Won’t Be Around

This is just to say that I probably won’t be around until Sunday or Monday.  We’re going to the convention center in a few hours to check in, do a dry run, and hear Elizabeth Warren speak.  We’re not supposed to take pictures, but I might try to get some anyway because I’m totally in love with her.  And my senate district is seated near the front, since we have an important Congressman.  (Seriously, that’s how they decide where the different senate districts sit.  The other three senate districts in our region are way in the back.)

Then there are parties tonight, where I’ll be schmoozing and persuading delegates until at least midnight, probably later.  There are a few people in particular who I’m really going to try to get to vote for our candidate.

Then tomorrow I’ll be crazy busy all day, from 6:30 AM until god knows when.  I’ll have to follow the party teller around and keep track of nearly 200 delegates and a bunch of whips.  Seriously, I have to know everyone who’s there and who they’re all voting for, and I have to relay that information to the campaign staff once an hour.  Gonna be interesting.  I’m just praying I’ll be able to stay on my feet and not collapse.  I have my cane, so that’ll help some.  I’m still just so self-conscious about using it, you know?  Because I look young and healthy, because people think it entitles them to ask what’s wrong with me, because I feel like it makes me weak to have to use it.  But I will use it and deal with the feelings about it.

Ooh, fun but irrelevant detail: when I go down to Alabama for my sister’s wedding, the three of us are going to get sisters tattoos.  It’s gonna be awesome!  We haven’t picked one out for sure yet, but all the options are cute.



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7 responses to “Won’t Be Around

  1. happilydpressed

    Good luck!!! And I love the tattoo idea. Have a great time

  2. Regarding the cane, use it and feel free to say that some disabilities are less visible than others, excuse me but I have to get back to the business at hand. (Or something more elegant that I am sure you can think of yourself.)

    • I definitely used the cane today and will again tomorrow too. I did get a few questions, but they were mostly from people who already know me and had seen me without the cane–they were asking out of concern, so it didn’t feel intrusive. People have actually been really kind–helping me find seats, asking if I needed any help, stuff like that. Our campaign’s got good folks.

  3. Go Elizabeth Warren!!!! Sorry i haven’t been around… but good luck with the cane and everything. hope you have a great time!

    • Warren’s awesome, and I’m pretty much in love with her. Our other senator, Ed Markey, spoke tonight too. He’s not as well known as Warren, but he’s a damn good public speaker. Deval Patrick also spoke, but I don’t find him as compelling a speaker as Warren or Markey.

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