GI Appointment

Saw my gastroenterologist today.  I thought the appointment was supposed to be with one of the NP’s in the practice, but he apparently took over.  He was PISSED when he found out about the crap his office staff had tried to pull with the appointments.  He told me if they try that again, I should tell them I have ulcerative colitis and need to be followed closely, and if they still give me problems, leave a message for him and he’ll personally schedule me in.

He said he’s just going to keep me on the Entocort, since it’s not causing me any problems to be on it but it causes tons of problems when I try to go off it.  It’s such a relief that he’s not going to keep trying to get me off it–I’ve dealt with a lot of doctors who just didn’t care about the side effects of med changes; they’d just tell me to keep doing whatever they said no matter how bad it got.

He was also very concerned about the fatigue and weakness, and he agreed that the 6-MP was the likeliest culprit.  He also is concerned that it may be causing liver issues, so I have to go get a bunch of labs drawn on Monday after the convention.  In the meantime, he’s having me go down from 100 mg to 75 mg.  He only wants to do one med change at a time, but if decreasing the 6-MP causes more problems, then we’ll either increase the Humira to every week or switch me to Remicade.

It’s just so nice to have a doctor who’s so responsive and doesn’t blow me off because I’m crazy.  He’s literally the best doctor I’ve ever had.  I wish he could be my primary care doc too.  Or maybe somebody should just clone him so he could be everyone’s doctor in every specialty.



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9 responses to “GI Appointment

  1. It’s such a relief to get a good one, I know exactly what you mean about wanting to clone them! xo

    • I know, right? I wish I could share him with everyone. If nothing else, he should be teaching at medical schools so that doctors learn how to treat patients like we’re actually people. This guy explains stuff to me so I can understand instead of treating me like either a medical expert or an idiot child like most doctors do. He also really LISTENS, which most doctors seem to lack the willingness to do. And he doesn’t get threatened by my research into my illness and my treatment options.

  2. I’m glad your appointment went well! I hope that everything else gets figured out soon.

    • Thanks! I think the labs will help–he didn’t want to make any big changes until he sees them. I’m just worried that if my liver’s wacky, I might have to go off the 6-MP altogether, and that could be a very unpretty picture if I don’t have something to replace it. I imagine azathioprine would probably have most of the same side effects as the 6-MP, but I’m not 100% sure of that. Maybe if wee up the Humira or switch to Remicade, that might eliminate the need for the 6-MP. It’s just scary because the 6-MP was what calmed things down from sever to mild/moderate. But I’m trying not to worry about it until I know for sure.

  3. Yaaay!!! FINALLY! Fantastic news 🙂 it’s amazing when someone comes through for what you need them for. Sounds like you will at least be better monitored in the future…..what a relief.

    Have fun this weekend! Hope it goes perfectly. Xo

    • Yeah, he’s an awesome doc. I’m betting some receptionists got chewed out after he left. It’s a big relief to know that he takes my condition seriously and knows that I can’t just wait around for appointments. He basically said my UC is more important than the people with acid reflux and so on, who can wait for an appointment. He also said he knows how useless the ER is for people with IBD, so it’s nice to get confirmation that it’s not just me who has bad experiences with them. I mean, one of the times I went, I think the doctor’s entire knowledge of UC was scanning the WebMD article on it. Seriously, I wish I could clone my GI doc.

  4. Sooo glad to hear you got into see him and that he is treating you right! Hopefully you’ll know more soon and can decide what to do next. Good Luck!

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