Picture Post!

Today I went and bought the dress and shoes for my sister’s wedding.  Sister doesn’t care what dress the bridesmaids choose as long as they’re the same color, and the store actually had a dress I really liked in the right size and color!  I had just assumed they’d have to order it, but I was able to bring it home today.


I won’t be wearing it with the athletic socks, though, I swear.  I got a pair of pretty flats (with just a little wedge; I can’t wear heels because my joints are so loose I’ll sprain an ankle) with a peep toe, but they have to dye those to match my dress.

One of my friends suggested I could pin some white squares at the top after the wedding for a TARDIS cosplay.  I approve!

Then I came home, and my bike was on the front porch.  I had to wait until my landlady and her partner got home because I needed to borrow some tools.  (Do not try to loosen a bolt with pliers because they will slip and pinch the hell out of your finger.)  Turns out her partner spent 5 years working at a bike shop, so he knew exactly how to put it all together.



They’re not great shots because the hallway is too narrow for me to get far enough away, but isn’t it cute?  I feel like I need to buy a 50’s wardrobe to go with it!  I did get a helmet, light, and lock for it.  I was missing one nut (and no, I don’t mean myself), but my landlady’s partner said the bike shop in town will probably just give me one because they have tons of them lying around.  But I cant really ride it much until I get that or my wheel might pop off.  I imagine that wouldn’t work very well.

We’re leaving tomorrow evening for the convention.  I’ll try to post an update about my GI appointment, but there may not be any posts until Sunday or Monday.  But don’t worry; it just means I’m having fun at the convention.



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18 responses to “Picture Post!

  1. happilydpressed

    I never said happy birthday to you…that makes me sad.. I’m so sorry. Happy very belated birthday. I love your bike tho! It’s adorable just like you xxx and I love the dress! My favorite color.

    • Oh, no, don’t feel bad! If I’d wanted people to say happy birthday, I would’ve done an “it’s my birthday” post.

      I’m basically in love with the bike. It is very much like me. I’m pretty sure my sister picked it, not my mother, because my mother is clueless. Last year for Christmas, she got me an oven mitt–and I almost never cook. I mean, it was a pretty oven mitt, but still. I’d asked for a bike then.

      Yeah, I’m very happy with the dress too. My sister has good taste! You know, there’s always that trope about bridesmaids’ dresses being hideous, but I like this one a lot. And it’s one I can wear for other things, too. The bridesmaids’ bouquets are going to be sunflowers, and I think that’ll be gorgeous with the blue dresses.

      • happilydpressed

        You’re hysterical (: an oven mitt is pretty hysterical too lol but I knew it was your birthday and I wanted to send wishes I just have a lot of shit going on ):

  2. Sunflowers with the blue dress will be stunning. Dyed to match shoes, how swank, how 50s-60s.

    That bike is the coolest. I never had a bike, don’t have ability to ride one but I still want yours. Hope you get your missing nut soon so you can enjoy.

    • Yeah, my sister has great taste in colors. I love the blue she picked for the dresses. I’m always drawn to rich, saturated colors like that. And yeah, it’s pretty cool to get the shoes dyed to match because it would be hard to match that exact shade of blue if I were just looking for shoes. I was pleasantly surprised that they had flats I could wear that didn’t look like old lady shoes. It’s hard to find classy dress shoes when you can’t wear heels. I’ll post some pictures of the shoes once I get them back.

      Yeah, the bike is wicked cute. And my landlady is even going by the bike shop today to get that nut so I can ride it. She’s pretty awesome. She knew I’d be away, and she’s going to pick it up because the bike shop is on the way to work.

      • I am also thrilled to hear that people do those not so little “little things” for each other. We all need helping hands, and to be helping hands.

      • So true. I’ve found a lot of satisfaction and joy in helping others. What’s been harder to learn is that I have to take care of myself too. Actually, becoming physically ill has forced me to focus on that, and it’s been difficult but useful, as growth often is. I’m learning it more and more.

  3. Olivia Hope

    I love the dress and too fun your bike is the coolest ever!!!! Hope you gets lots of use out of it and continue having what seems like a good week ;o)

    • Thanks! I think I will get a lot of good use out of that bike. Now I’ll be able to ride the two miles into town instead of having to wait for a bus that only runs once an hour. Another cool thing is that the buses in my area have bike racks on the front so you can take them on the bus. I live in a pretty bike-friendly area, which is nice. I haven’t had a bike since about the 5th grade, so I’m happy about this one.

      • Olivia Hope

        fun, I have never heard of buses with bike rakes, that’s perfect and would totally encourage me to bike more often knowing if I went too far I didn’t have the stress of having to bike all the way back… I live in a bike city, the metro’s accept bikes but not the buses which go way more places.. yeah for new bike and bike friendly areas

      • Yeah, I live in a pretty progressive, green area. I have a friend who just bought a house in a little neighborhood where all the houses are solar power only, which is pretty cool. My landlady’s partner does deep energy retrofits on houses to use alternative energy and make them more energy efficient. We have a bunch of people and groups organizing to oppose a pipeline through a county north of us that would carry fracked gas. So being bike-friendly just kinda goes along with the who character of the area. They have bike racks all over town, and the bike racks on the buses are pretty cool. I can’t imagine trying to take your bike in the bus–that would be a huge pain in the ass for the rider and all the other passengers who couldn’t get down the aisle around it. I could see it working okay on a subway if the train wasn’t crowded, but we don’t have those where I live.

  4. A post full of happy, positive things. Hooray! Your bike is adorable — so glad you were able to have someone put it together…I am terrible at stuff like that. And you look great in your dress. My sister’s wedding is one of my fondest memories — I hope you have just as lovely a time as I did. ((hugs!))

    • Thanks! ❤

      It was great that my landlady's partner put it together. I had no idea he'd worked in a bike shop–I just asked to borrow a couple of tools because he works in construction and probably has every tool you could need. I used to have a great toolbox, but it got left when I moved to Massachusetts. I like tools–especially power tools. I may have failed girl school, but I know how to build and fix stuff. I've always had an aptitude for that–I think it's because I'm a kinesthetic learner.

      I'm really excited about the wedding, mostly because I miss my sisters so much. And my sister is so happy about getting married, and that makes me happy because I love her so much. I haven't met her fiance, but my sisters and my mother say he's a really good guy. We're Facebook friends, and I approve of his taste in sci-fi, at least. I'm really looking forward to it. Plus, BF and I are road tripping it down there, which should be really fun. We're going to try to stay with some friends along the way so we don't have to stay in hotels. BF wanted me to go on a cross-country road trip two summers ago, but that was more than I could handle. This will probably be a three or four day trip, which is much more manageable. He's never been to the Deep South, so that'll be interesting.

  5. You look gorgeous in that dress! What a lovely colour. Your bike is so cool too….what a unique design it is. I love it!!

    Have a fabulous time at the convention. ❤️❤️

  6. I love the dress! And your bike is super cute! 🙂

    • Thanks! I love the dress too. As soon as I tried it on and looked in the mirror, I was sold. Plus it was on sale!

      And I love the bike too. My landlady is even going by the bike shop today to get another nut so I can actually ride it without my wheel popping off. My landlady and her family are pretty awesome.

  7. Lovely cornflower blue dress to go with your lovely complexion! and the bike brings back memories…does that date me? (Nah, just kidding. In my day the thing was 12-speed racing bikes! Mine was a Peugeot and it was useless for carrying anything. But yours is terrific and I LOVE the basket.) Again, I’m late in commenting, but I hope your convention trip goes well, and that the wedding one does too. Go for it. and THWUC. Or at least I wish it would go to hell. Anyhow, my best wishes to you. I’m off to Vermont for a month and a half to visit relatives and recuperate, myself…Vermont, green state of Bernie Sanders the one socialist senator! But they have wi-fi even if cell phones are spotty, so I shouldn’t be cut off entirely! Take care.

    • Yeah, I really like the color my sister picked for our dresses. And our bouquets are going to be sunflowers, which will be stunning against the blue.

      Convention trip is awesome so far. I love it! I just hope I’m able to stay on my feet tomorrow. Today if I was on my feet for more than a few minutes, even with the cane, my legs started shaking really badly. But people have been really lovely and accommodating, offering help and so forth, so that’s been really nice.

      Vermont is lovely. It’s actually a lot like where I live out in western Mass. I hope you have a great trip! Do you take photos? If you do, I’d love to see them!

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