New IBD Drug Approved!

Guys!  The FDA just approved a new biologic for IBD patients!

It’s gut-specific, meaning it has lower risks of infection from immunosuppression compared with the other anti-TNF drugs (Humira, Cimzia, Remicade).  It also has helped people go into remission without corticosteroids, which those of you who’ve been following me know has been a problem for me.

I don’t know how soon it’ll actually be available, or how soon insurance companies will add it to their formularies, but I’m going to ask about it at my next appointment.  What we’re doing now obviously isn’t working.  Things have gotten a bit better since I went back on the steroids, but I’m still bleeding, still having fairly high pain levels, still going 6-8 times a day, still leaking, still greatly lacking in energy.

I’m probably a huge nerd for getting all excited about a new drug, but…it makes me feel more hopeful that something will work for me.



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8 responses to “New IBD Drug Approved!

  1. You have every right to look for a solution to your issues. Nothing nerdy at all about wishing for a better treatment. May it be available soon and may it work. The worst would be that the cost is out of reach….may that not be the case, because you have had more problems than you should long ago.

    • Well, I’m sure it will be an expensive drug; all the biologics are. Humira, which I’m on now, costs over $6000 per dose, and Remicade is around $20,000 a dose. But my insurance has paid for my Humira for 6+ months without kicking up a fuss, so hopefully if I change to this new drug (or maybe Remicade in the interim; I’m sure it will take a while for a brand new drug to be widely available), they’ll pay for that without a fuss too. Vedolizumab is only approved as a second-line drug, but that’s not a concern in my case because I’ve already been on all the first-line drugs.

  2. Mandy

    No, you let yourself be excited!!! I pray for this to be available to you-and I don’t even pray! But for YOU, I will! 🙂

  3. I really hope it will work; you totally deserve to find something that will mitigate or remove this problem.

  4. I saw that it got approved yesterday! I was pretty excited because now their’s a back up in case the biologics don’t work out for me. I hope that you’re able to get on it and that it works great for you. You’ll have to keep us updated!

    • It’s still a biologic, but it works differently than the others out there. I’m not too clear on the exact science. I mean, I read the articles, but it’s been 12 years since I took biology and 13 years since chemistry.

      I’ll keep you updated if I do go on it.

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