Panic Sucks

I don’t know what’s going on with me right now.

I’d been having a good day, out collecting signatures for both of my candidates.  Gorgeous weather, no particularly nasty people, all was well.

And then, out of nowhere, I got slammed with a panic attack.  It’s been months since I’ve had one–maybe more than a year.  Luckily, I can have a panic attack without anyone else noticing most of the time, and I managed to pull it off this time too.  But it SUCKED.  It’s been an hour and a half, and I still don’t feel like I’m back on stable ground.

It bothers me that I don’t know what triggered it.  Then I start worrying it’s going to happen again.  (I know, I know, one of the hallmark symptoms of panic attacks, but it still sucks.)  It’s especially stressful because my political work is the one area of my life where I consistently feel competent and feel like there’s a point to getting out of bed.  If it starts triggering panic attacks, I won’t have anything left.

I listened to a guided meditation, which helped some–it brought down my heart rate and normalized my breathing, at least, and the panic is not quite as bad.  I think I’m going to run a hot bath, read a book, and eat chocolate…and try not to worry about it happening again.

This probably is a signal I should at least consider finding a new therapist, isn’t it?  *sigh*



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6 responses to “Panic Sucks

  1. I can relate. It sounds to me like you coped extremely well. It would be so nice if everything had a clear cause, but darn it both physical and psychological problems do not always fit into neat little boxes. At least mine don’t. Keep enjoying the political activity. Chocolate and a nice bath sound theraputic to me.

  2. Even though it sucks, sounds like you did well with it. I think chocolate and a hot bath are definitely in order. As for therapy, decide in the next couple of days. One panic attack doesn’t mean therapy is a necessity.

  3. kat

    sounds like did really well not letting it get the best of you–way to cope, girl! that there is proof positive that you CAN do your political work even if those pesky panic attacks happen once in a while. im glad you treated yourself this evening 🙂 you deserved it.

  4. Mandy

    Is it a full moon or what? You just described my little “episode” today. You reminded me about turning to the guided meditation. . . .That’s a really good idea! I hope you are feeling much better now.

  5. chocolate is the best medicine,, oh and laughing too. I hope you enjoyed your bath. And I hope you got a little sleep too. XXX

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