My IBD Life

My IBD Life

Differences between IBD and IBS:

Lets start this off by saying I am in no way trying to put down or disvalue what people with IBS go through day in and day out! it is also a difficult thing to deal with. However there is a misconception within the general pubic that IBD and IBS are the same thing, this just simply is not the case.
The names themselves can be misleading…

IBD = Inflammatory Bowel Disease

IBSIrritable Bowel Syndrome

you know IBD or IBS they both start with the letters IB. Also they both do involve our bowel’s, I have made a Chart to visually show the differences and similarities;


If i missed any Symptoms in either IBD or IBS feel free to list them in the comment section.

As you see there are similarities between the two however they mostly involve bathroom issues , those with IBS do not suffer with the…

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3 responses to “My IBD Life

  1. barbaramarincel

    I can sympathize–I have IBS, which is usually okay as long as I avoid dairy and take my meds (there is medication that can help) but my mom had ulcerative colitis. Her idiot doctor originally misdiagnosed her and by the time she finally had a colonoscopy (this was before they started recommending them for people over 50) she was so weak from anemia she could barely stand. Not to mention the pain. Her new doc showed me some of the films from her colonoscopy and it was hideous. Her colon was covered inside with oozing, crusty, bleeding, raw sores.
    She responded well to medication and had a long period of remission, but IBDs are awful illnesses. Good luck to you!

    • I was actually lucky, relatively speaking, with my process of diagnosis. I’d never had GI problems before, and then I got very ill over about three weeks. It started with abdominal pain and horrific gas, then diarrhea, then bleeding. I put off getting care because I thought it was just a stomach bug and didn’t want to bother anyone. But after a whole night spent on the toilet, losing lots of blood and in excruciating pain, I finally went to the ER. I had a temp of 104, and my CRP, which should be less than 1, was over 50. (It’s a marker of inflammation.)

      No one doubted something was very wrong. They first thought it was C. diff. and put me on hardcore antibiotics, but those didn’t help. Neither, got that matter, did several doses of dilaudid. My third day in the hospital, they did a colonoscopy. The results of mine were pretty horrific too–they said if I’d waited a few more days, I would’ve died. But they put me on drugs for UC immediately, and things got much better. I’ve never been in full remission, but I haven’t been that sick again. It’s manageable now, with meds and major dietary changes.

      • barbaramarincel

        I know several people with Crohn’s and a couple of them almost died. IBDs are so awful, and I can’t believe the ordeal you went through before you got diagnosed. Good for you for writing about it and raising awareness!!

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