I’ve been on my feet most of the weekend, and I am utterly exhausted.

Yesterday, we gathered signatures at a big road race a few towns over.  Even though it rained and 75% of the people there were drunk, we got a ton of signatures.


My RFD Chris, me, and the other western Mass RFD, Jon.


John F. Kennedy.  No, wait, that’s just me and a stack of petitions.

Then today, we were marching in the Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  Yes, I know it’s almost a week late, but I didn’t schedule the thing.  It’s the second biggest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the country–something like 400,000 people show up for it.  There were people from as far away as Maryland and Virginia.  Chris and I had to sneak into the parade–we were only supposed to have a handful of people, but we snuck in anyway.  We were right in front of a bunch of cops and firefighters, and they didn’t object.  I helped carry the sign for about 3/4 of the parade route, which was a long route.


A few of us meeting up to get signatures before the parade.  I’m the one in the middle holding the sign.


A lull in the parade while the marching band in front of us performed.  Me on the left, holding the banner.

Somewhere there are pictures of us with Martha, but I guess her official social media person hasn’t tweeted or Facebooked them yet.  There are only a couple of those because she was zigzagging from one side of the street to the other, shaking hands and posing for photos, but there’s at least one from before the parade and one from after.

So now my back and hip are killing me because I spent WAY too much time on my feet, but it’s okay.  It was worth it.  Not only did we get a lot of support for Martha, I also shook hands with two Congressmen, a Senator, and a DA, as well as several candidates for office.  I even overheard a certain senator from Massachusetts trying to flirt with a beauty queen on his way to the restroom.  (You know you work in politics when….)  Apparently everyone shows up for this parade.  Someone told me that in 1960, the Holyoke and Boston parades were on the same day, and JFK blew off the Boston one to come to Holyoke’s.  (I have no way of verifying that story, though.)

Now I’m going to go collapse and sleep for the rest of the week.



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9 responses to “Exhausted

  1. Fantastic. I need to read up on Martha. I live in a neighboring state so can not help you out with my vote, but I might as well learn something.

    I hope you are not too stiff when you wake up from your long, long sleep.

    • Oh, I just watched the video on Edward and am snuffling. You are working for a good cause, keep at it.

      • Yeah, her stance on mental health care is one of the main things that drew me to my campaign. In politics, it rarely gets talked about except in regards to gun control, which makes me ENRAGED. She’s the only one I’ve heard address it outside of that context, and she also advocates separating mental health issues from the gun control debate. I wanted to run onstage and hug her when I hear her say that.

        She’s got a whole detailed plan for how to improve services, too. If you click here and scroll to the bottom, there’s a paper with all the details.

        It’s too bad you’re not in Massachusetts–she can use as much support as she can get. Today at the parade, I talked to people from CT, VT, and NH who all said they wished they could vote for her too.

  2. Mandy

    You’re the most famous person I know–hob-knobbing with people who make a difference in our world! 🙂

  3. Awesome sister!! I know you’re paying for it but sometimes, when it’s for a great cause, it seems more worth it. 🙂 Happy for you!!

  4. This is awesome. And the fact that you do it in the midst of all you have been suffering through makes you even more awesome.

    • Honestly, I think my political work is what’s been getting me through a lot of stuff. Without it, I’d feel totally useless because all I’d do was sit at home and watch Netflix and eat expensive frozen dinners. My work gives me a sense of purpose, and I get to connect with people.

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