Colonoscopy tomorrow. Happy fun times.

Actually, they’ll knock me out for the procedure–it’s the prep that sucks. The pain is pretty horrible, and I can’t stop shivering. I don’t remember it being this bad last time–but last time I was literally dying, so it probably couldn’t have made me feel much worse.

Yesterday, the local organizer from the AG campaign I’m working asked me to make calls this week. I told her I have a medical thing, but I could do Thursday and Friday, and she said you can make calls from bed. I wanted to say, “Oh, how I wish I could lie in bed. I’ll be shitting everything I’ve eaten for the last seven years and moaning in pain.”

Then this morning, my RFD from the gubernatorial campaign called to ask if I could collect signatures at a town meeting tomorrow. I tried to find a polite way to say it and then gave up and said, “Sorry, I’m having a colonoscopy” on a public bus. So everyone on the B48 knows. Oh well.

I am not entirely convinced this prep isn’t going to kill me.

This crap, ugh. Polyethylene glycol. Isn’t that what’s in antifreeze?

But I’ve temporarily relocated my office to the throne room:

And I have a twisty hippo straw from New Zealand to drink from.

And I have the perfect shirt. (Amusingly, a gift from a former therapist, years before the UC was diagnosed.)




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12 responses to “Prep

  1. Mandy

    Oh boy. Been there… The procedure is a breeze. The prep–not so much: my sympathies! 😦 but you’ll be glad you did it after.

  2. Yes, that is the perfect shirt.

    I have had two colonoscopies. I was told by people older than myself that the best way to deal with the prep was to eat very lightly for longer than directed, like doing a day or two more of the reductions. For me the prep went well that way. I have crappy veins so for me the worry about getting an IV in made the prep comparatively less of a big deal. Keep hydrated, Gatorade if allowed. Do post to tell us it is over and you survived.

    Also, I had a stomach flu about a month ago, with that I was vomiting and having diarrhea simulatously — at least that does not happen with colonoscopy prep. Hang it there. Hope you get an all clear report (pun, bad pun.)

    • Yeah, I’ve been eating pretty lightly anyway because I’ve been flaring; ergo, decreased appetite. And I mix the prep with Crystal Light, which makes it more palatable. It’s the killer pain that’s getting to me.

      They never have trouble getting veins on me, but mine get occluded after a few hours. Hopefully that won’t be a problem since the colonoscopy doesn’t take that long.

      I’ve had the puking and crapping simultaneously when flares get really bad, and I agree–it sucks! Hopefully my big bottle of Zofran will prevent that.

      • Sorry to hear how much you are suffering. And I am guessing you are all on your own. That stinks big time — my hubby is not often ” Mr. Comfort”, but at least having another person around is a great advantage in my book. If I could I run over to say” I’m here, you’ll survive, yes I will call 911 if it comes to it.”

      • I actually prefer to be alone when I feel awful. With people around, I feel like I have to reassure and take care of them. On my own, it’s less stressful.

        But I do appreciate the support. I considered the ER at first with the pain, but since I started pooping, it’s not as bad. I suspect I’ll survive, albeit grudgingly and whinily.

      • I understand. And it is morning now.

  3. kat

    so sorry to hear about all this, and especially about the discomfort and pain and all that ‘crap’ (so to speak). hope there are no problems, that they can help calm down the flares some. sending good luck and happy thoughts.

  4. honestly the prep is the worst. I like the new office set up. Thinking of you and hope they find something that can help the flare ups.

  5. Ug, hate the prep for a colonoscopy. I had that stuff the first time I had one and I mixed it with grape juice. It didn’t taste so bad then. In December I had stuff called SuPrep. It tasted HORRIBLE! I hope your prep went as well as it could of gone and that your colonoscopy went well!

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