Probably about to end up in the hospital. Don’t worry if you don’t hear from me.



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  1. Sometimes you just have to do what needs doing. My thoughts are with you.

  2. I’m with Kitty. Sometimes you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. Sending peaceful thoughts your way!

  3. I will worry, and I am sending you love and support. I hope you are asking for what will help you recover, and that you feel better soon. Life can be brutally difficult, we all break down sometimes. As long as there’s breath, there’s hope.

  4. Stay safe, thinking of you.

  5. Kenzie - Motorcycles, Books & Fructose

    Ditto to what everyone else has said.

  6. Bourbon

    Thinking of you x

  7. Much love my friend. You’ll be in my heart. xx

  8. Thinking of you, hoping your needs are being met and you are healing.

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