I don’t know how I’m going to explain to A what’s going on in my head. I don’t have words. But I have art.

I started working with oil pastels and mandalas when I was at Sheppard Pratt, and it continues to be useful when I just don’t have words. Not sure if I’ll show this to A…maybe, if I have the courage.

On a more pleasant topic, socks! I was talking to a couple of other bloggers about them. I have teeny feet that don’t fit in store-bought socks, so several years ago I started knitting my own.

However, I have what knitters call Second Sock Syndrome: I get bored with the pattern after I make the first sock, so I rarely make a matching pair. I pretend my mismatched socks are some kind of artistic statement, but really I just get bored easily.

Here are some of my socks. More in the laundry, probably, and I’m too lazy to dig them out.





And for added fun, a few works in progress.




The last two pictures are my Elizabeth Warren socks, which I plan to send her when I’m finished. Yes, I’m a weird fan girl. I call them Sox Populi, and I hope someone else here is nerdy enough to get the joke.



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12 responses to “Socks

  1. Kenzie - Motorcycles, Books & Fructose

    I really like your artwork πŸ™‚

  2. happilydpressed

    Ah they are so cool!

  3. I vote that you are creative and “boredom” just proves it. You could so market your knitting skills.

    • The thing about marketing knitting is that you make no profit. The yarn is not cheap–$20 to $30 for a skein of sock yarn. Then you factor in the number of hours it takes, and you’d have socks that cost $2000. What I have seen other knitters do is charge the cost of the yarn + 10-15%. Even then, that’s expensive, and people are always saying, “I could get that at Walmart for $5,” and you have to try really hard not to stab them with your knitting needles.

      • True. But there are niche markets, like Esty shops. And there are hand made mismatched socks sold at many Vermont gift shops that benefit cancer research — I think they go for $35 bucks a pair. As this is ski country I can see ski socks going for $$. No handcrafts make you rich but sometimes I feel like an extra $10 – $25 bucks means a happy treat….or making ends meet.

  4. The socks are really pretty! πŸ˜€

  5. Wow! You are a really talented knitter! I have always wanted to learn, but somehow never seem to get around to it.

    • It’s not as difficult as it looks. For some reason, people have this impression that knitting socks is especially hard, but that’s not really my experience. Turning the heel takes concentration and counting, but it’s not difficult.

      I learned to knit when I was in long-term residential treatment, and I’ve always stuck with it. Now I teach a knitting class. Come to western Mass and I’ll teach you! We also have the largest yarn store in North America.

  6. Mandy

    Ok, I love the oils/pastels, but the socks? I LOVE them! And who needs socks to match anyway? But I love that you know how to make them, too. Thanks for the pics–they’re beautiful! (I really want to do some kind of artsy thing–I think it really helps calm the mind. I used to macrame–back in the “day” πŸ™‚

  7. I love that you get bored and change pattern halfway through. Honestly think that’s brilliant πŸ™‚

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