Poop Petition!

Since I’m awake, thanks to pain and frequent bathroom trips, I wrote a petition urging the FDA to allow fecal microbial transplantation for IBD patients.  To answer your questions:

  1. Yes, that is exactly what you think it is.
  2. Yes, it’s gross.
  3. No, I have no TMI filter, and poop jokes are my coping skill of choice.
  4. Yes, I researched and wrote much of the petition while sitting on the toilet.

Seriously, though, this is important.  The FDA recently classified fecal matter as a drug and a biologic agent.  Patients with C. diff. can still get FMT, but IBD patients can only get it through clinical trials, which most of us don’t have access to.  This is probably so that a drug company can patent poop and make a lot of money off it.  Tywin Lannister may not shit gold, but apparently the FDA and drug companies think somebody does.  (Sorry, I can’t resist the nerdy references, and it’s a particularly fitting reference given the circumstances of Tywin’s demise.)  This denies IBD patients a treatment option that could drastically improve our quality of life, and that’s not cool.

Also, if you sign my petition and it works, I’ll get FMT.  It might cure my UC, and then you guys wouldn’t have to listen to me talk about my poop problems anymore.  Just sayin’.

So!  Sign my petition!




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7 responses to “Poop Petition!

  1. You have my signature. Not just because what you say makes sense, but you threw in a Game of Thrones reference and that tells me you are one of the good ones.

  2. Signed! I’ve actually read up on some of this….I hope you get loads of signatures. xx

    • Thanks! I’ve done a bunch of reading on it too. My psychiatrist mentioned it to me months ago, back when I was first diagnosed, and I was thinking, “Um, NO. Poop transplant? Do not want!” But now I’ve been through almost every med out there for IBD, and nothing is working well enough…so now not only am I considering a poop transplant, I’m actively trying to make it legal. I’ve also been looking into medical marijuana, since Massachusetts now allows it, but the only medical marijuana doctor in western Mass charges $200 for the appointment and another $20 for the card. No way I could afford that.

      • It’s so frustrating when they make things nearly impossible due to cost. :S

        Yeah, if you can get it done I say go for it…if it might help, it’s worth the risk…anything to resolve a little of your pain would be helpful. xx

  3. Just signed it! As a kid dealing with UC and Chrons it was terrible. Glad I’m in remission now, and hope this will get approved and you can get some relief.

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