Bad pain tonight. Took a Vicodin, but it wore off. I’d take another one, but I only have a few left, and I also have to be up in the morning because I have an interview for the OFA fellowship and then therapy.

Also my pee is orange. I’m hoping it’s just dehydration and will be fine in the morning, but I can’t help worrying. The 6MP can cause liver toxicity, usually within the first two months on it, and taking Humira with it can increase the risk. There’s already about a 30% chance of liver toxicity without the Humira.

God, I never thought I’d be one of those people who panics about minor symptoms.

If it’s not better tomorrow, I’ll call my psych nurse and see if she thinks I need to call my gastroenterologist.

God, I’m so tired of being sick.



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3 responses to “Ugh

  1. I was on Sulfasalazine (sp?) as a kid for UC and my pee was ALWAYS orange. I hated it because I couldn’t get away with peeing in the pool, silly kid stuff. Well, I’m still around and never thought to ask my patents about the pee. The pills were orange so I guess maybe that’s why I didn’t think much about it. Plus I didn’t trust my parents anyways. Maybe put your mind at ease a little?

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