Today our sister became a policeman She went to college for it, and then to policeman school too. I know we’re saposed to be happy and proud for her and we are but…

But also sad and mad and hurt and scared. Cause our daddy was a policeman too and he’s the one that did most a the bad stuff to us. Our sister was the one who told about it first and then we started remembering about it too. We tried to make some different policemen get him in trouble for it but they didn’t cause they believed what he said stead of us. Then our sister said our daddy never did anything bad and then he gave her lots of money. Then we didn’t talk about it to our sister anymore cause Sara says maybe that’s how she has to deal with it and it’s OK cause we love her.

But maybe now she’s mean like daddy too cause she’s a policeman just like him. And we fel a lot of mad cause we don’t want her to be a policeman! They’re scary! I think she should stop being a policeman but she’s not gonna cause she doesn’t care about us!


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