Organizing Fellowship

I’m thinking of applying for a fall organizing fellowship for Organizing for Action (formerly Obama for America). I don’t know if it’s a good idea or a bad idea. Possibly both.

I’m just tired of feeling bored and useless. I do better when I feel like I’m accomplishing something, doing something that matters.

It’s a volunteer internship; i.e., not paid. I can apply for a 15-hours-per-week fellowship or 40 hours. My all-or-nothing inclination is to apply for the 40 hour, but I should probably just apply for the 15.

One of the application questions asks you to describe a time you worked to build a coalition among people of different backgrounds, and I have no idea what to say for that question.

There’s another question about what you learned growing up in the community you did, and, god, I could write essays on growing up in Birmingham, Alabama. So much different from New England–much more conservative. I remember being particularly affected by its civil rights history, and later by the abortion clinic bombing–both of those affected my political development deeply.

I’ll probably start working on those answers tonight. Assuming I can come up with something for the coalition-building question.



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2 responses to “Organizing Fellowship

  1. I am in the process of gathering the courage to do some volunteer work too. It is far too easy for me to isolate myself. I hope you do exactly what you wish to do. – Katherine

    • Yeah, it can be hard to get started, but my experience is that after that, it gets much easier.

      I actually got into political volunteer work because I thought the volunteer organizer who called me was my doctor’s office returning my phone call! I was intensely anxious the first few times I went to stuff, but the people I worked with ended up being awesome–and post-campaign, I’m still friends with them. One basically begged me to let her write me letters of recommendation for anything I wanted to do. I was recently diagnosed with a serious chronic illness, and several of the folks I worked with have offered help with whatever I need. I probably never would’ve met these people if it weren’t for the volunteer work.

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